Roncoroni specialises in lamination and coating of a wide range of materials and in the use of different production technologies. Papers, cardboards, aluminium foil, plastic films (PET, PP, BOPP, LDPE and HDPE), raffia in polythene, TNT and natural fabrics are machined and paired through processes such as extrusion-coating (polythene coating), paraffin wax coating, coating with solvent free glues, obtaining products whose applications range from those in the packaging industry (industrial, metal and food) to the insulation, overseas transport, automotive, but also medical, bookbinding and textile industries. The machinery fleet of the company also has a cutting centre composed of rewinders, cutters and sheet cutters that allow Roncoroni to meet the most diverse requirements of its customers. Flexibility in production, continuous search for new solutions and applications, combined with dedication to technological development, make Roncoroni SpA one of the leading companies in this sector.

Roncoroni SpA is a paper transformation company that has been producing special pairings for the packaging and insulation industry for over 50 years.

Founded in Como in 1950, the company, out of necessity for new spaces, moved to the municipality of Orsenigo in the 70s where today it covers an area of about 8500 m 2 .


Roncoroni SPA


Foundation of the company in Como 


It moves to Orsenigo


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