Industrial Packaging

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All that is subject to handling and transportation, in one way or another, is packed to ensure the protection and maintenance of the peculiar characteristics. The term "industrial packaging" identifies applications that are not specific for the type of product handled or packaged, but adaptable to most conditions of use. 

Polythene coated papers, with or without reinforcement, for packaging in general, paper mill packaging or for the production of envelopes. Paper paired with aluminium for the realisation of industrial bags intended for cement factories or for the packaging of chemical granules. Grey or Havana cardboards, polythene coated on one or both sides with LDPE or PP for the creation of interlayers, pallet separators, heat resistant hives. Polythene coated liners or sandwich pairings for the realisation of cardboard tubes, drums, protective heads, corrugated barrier effect boxes.

These are just some of the solutions that Roncoroni can offer and customise to individual needs.

Contact us for a detailed analysis, we will be happy to find the solution that suits your needs.