Extrusion coating

Single side, double side coating, extrusion-lamination.

Application of a wide range of polymers: LDPE, HDPE and PP on paper, plastic or aluminium foil.

Customisable with coloured masters, antistatic additives, fireproof, non-slip, polymers can be applied as surface coating or binders in extrusion-lamination. 

Extrusion coating gives the manufactured products excellent barrier and thermowelding characteristics.

Coating with paraffin

Single-side or immersion coating.

The line allows the application of traditional waxes, biodegradable/compostable hot-melt and bioparaffin mainly on Havana pure cellulose or recycled, mono-glazed, smooth, ribbed or crepe paper, but also on white monoglazed, calendered, single side coated paper.

Coupling with solventless glues

The solventless lamination line uses solventless one-component and dual component adhesives to create duplex or triplex multilayer pairings, film base, aluminium, non-woven, paper or cardboard.

Cut and rewinding

In a word: customisation.

3 cutter rewinders, 1 format cutting line and flexographic printing allow customisation of the final product, meeting the demands of our customers.